Why to meet with your Recruiter

Sharon O'Donnell - 23/05/2019
Why to meet with your Recruiter

The importance of meeting with your recruitment consultant.

In a busy and highly competitive market meeting with potential employers and recruiters can be an additional expense and strain on your job search and can feel like a time wasting exercise. It is becoming more of a topic now as to the importance of meeting with us as recruiters and why it is essential. 

Maybe you have had a bad experience with recruiters in the past and don't feel like it will be beneficial or think that as we don't have an exact position open that you are interested in that it's not worthwhile. 

I believe it is an essential part of the process to meet 1 on 1 with someone who is a specialist in their market and can give you invaluable advice.  I work closely with my candidates to help them find their dream role (or the next best thing!).

Below I have outlined some reasons why I feel it is important to meet with us: 

1. Get to know you

Having a conversation on the phone is great and there is a lot of information to gain but there is nothing like sitting down face to face and getting to know you. We can have an honest, frank and real conversation about your motivations and get to know what you really are looking for (and if you don’t know we can try and explore it). I find it so beneficial meeting with a candidate and knowing exactly what environment would suit them; team,role and industry. Otherwise you are working in the dark for your best interests.  

2. Right Fit

So often when you are looking for a role you are tempted to take a position just to be working and feel you don’t have the luxury of being fussy/picky. Meeting with us will minimise the risk of that happening. We look at ourselves as matchmakers – putting companies and candidates together in an environment that will work. Meeting with you will make that job easier for us and ensure (for the most part) that will be the last!

3. We are legit

It is also a great opportunity for you as the candidate to get to know us! We can talk about what we do, how we can help and gain your trust. Ask us questions, we are happy to answer and reassure you!

We offer a unique service here at La Crème - from the day we meet with you we will guide you through the process from discussing potential positions, bridging the gap with you and the employer, coordinating interviews, Interview prep, feedback and follow up. We also have a dedicated Contractor Experience team that are there on standby to talk you through the temp process and any questions you may have. 

4. Options

I came into La Crème as a candidate – I was looking for my next step not sure what that looked like and was coming for guidance from an experienced recruiter with a flair for picking out my skills with a role that would utilise that and motivate me. I was looking for a permanent role– not realising that temp was an option while I figure out what I want, look at different environments and prevent myself from taking a job for the sake of it. It can open your eyes and make you feel better and more positive about your job search. 

5. Gives you an advantage - time is key

Another reason we meet with you is that on the temp and contract desk our roles move so quickly. As part of our process and commitment to our clients we have met with all of our candidates as the first step of the process to qualify and shortlist. 

We work with clients that may have requirements to start the next day and if we haven't met with you yet this can delay the process or mean the role is filled in the meantime. 

So when you meet with us and are registered you are already at an advantage.  

Come meet us! Have a chat and let us help!

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