On a Working Holiday Visa to Ireland this summer?

Emma Cullen - 20/06/2018
Temping in Ireland with your Working Holiday Visa

Have you just arrived in Ireland on a Working Holiday Visa or due to arrive this summer?

Suzanne Rourke arrived in Ireland on a Working Holiday Visa from Canada in 2016 and has since completed a huge number of successful placements for us since then. Temping has given her an invaluable experience in Ireland and has been able to sustain her through her travels and subsequent studies.

“When I moved to Dublin, I really struggled to find a job. My current roommate at the time suggested I should contact La Crème to learn about various temp roles - an avenue that I had never heard of, and definitely never explored. It was as simple as sending in my resume. I met with Aimee from the La Crème team who helped me feel at home in a foreign country. We discussed my interests, and my skills and our discussion made me feel like La Crème was right for me; they were invested in my goals and wanted to create opportunities for me.

One of my wishes when coming to Ireland on the Working Holiday Visa was to travel both Ireland and Europe as much as possible. Temping for La Crème has let me do that. Aimee, and the other girls at La Crème, are able to work around my schedule to ensure that I have the best possible time while I’m here. More than that, they offer me regular roles that let me do more than just pay my bills.

One of the best things about working with La Crème is the ability to meet a variety of people. I’ve worked with companies for as little as a day, and everyone I’ve met has been lovely. On some of my longer assignments, I’ve met co-workers I would easily call lifelong friends. Meeting people can be difficult when you’re in a new country, and temping is a great way to meet new people - people that you wouldn’t normally meet.

I’ve gained a lot of skills along the way - skills I never would have imagined when I first got to Ireland. Many of the jobs are similar, but they’re different as well; and they offer different opportunities. The team at La Crème has given me more than I ever would have asked for and I truly thank them for all they have done for me.”

More information on living and working in Ireland, how to secure accommodation and acquire your PPS number here.

At La Crème we specialise in temporary and contract roles within office support, ranging from one day's cover to two year contracts. These opportunities can prove ideal for those who are looking to relocate either on a short-term or long-term basis, or have just arrived in Ireland. 

If you have experience within office support and are looking to gain more experience, whether that’s on reception, administration or in a data entry role, we work with a wide variety of employers that are looking for bright, motivated and experienced professionals.

Temporary contracts offer an excellent opportunity to advance your administration and customer service skills, along with the chance to try out different working environments. If you are currently unsure of your career path, it’s a fantastic way to gain experience, make connections and broaden your horizons.

Types of roles 

  • Receptionist
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • EA
  • Office Manager
  • Office Coordinator
  • Customer Service Coordinator
  • Data Entry Clerk  


If you are due to arrive and in a similar position, contact us at La Crème and we will be delighted to assist you. 


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