Is this the year of a salary rise for your employees, I hear you ask?

Aileen McCarney - 23/02/2018

As the title is a question, I know the answer to this and that would be a yes! It is the year for a salary rise.

If you value your employees why not try to keep them in the job they do so well with the knowledge and experience gained while working with your company.  This, in the long run will benefit you and add value to your business. Why risk an employee leaving and working for another competitor within your industry? Furthermore why wait until your valuable employees come to you with their resignation to offer a salary rise? 

As an employee myself I know we all work harder when we have been shown we are a valued employee. Most employees would say, there is a very strong feeling of pride and accomplishment when they have been rewarded for the hard work, long hours and going above and beyond to help the company strive to be the best at what they do.

Ask yourself this question, if one of your valuable employees came to you today and said they were resigning from the business what would you do first....

Ask why and is there anything we could offer them to stay?

In a lot of the cases, it is about the remuneration package, so perhaps now is the time to review your remuneration and rewards package to see if it is truly the best you can offer to your top employees. 

See our most recent salary guide, a comprehensive guide to all sectors within professional services.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to receive a guide. And remember if your employee does end up resigning,  La Crème can always assist you finding someone, and who know's someday you may offer them a salary increase!

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