2019 Salary Guide

Lauren Hendry - 02/01/2019
Salary Guide

The 2019 La Crème recruitment salary guide covers salaries for office support, customer services and legal support roles in Ireland

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Commentary on La Crème - Office Support in Ireland for 2019

Overview of 2018

2018 has been a strong year for Office support with a substantial increase in the number of permanent opportunities available to professionals.  Within the temporary market, there has been a more moderate trend in terms of roles available year on year. Trends show last year that the focus was mainly on short term cover of temporary assignments, however this year there has been a shift towards more long-term requirements for temporary hiring.  The industries which are the most buoyant include financial services, professional services, technology and the property sector. There has also been growth across customer service roles to support growing businesses.

The challenge to attract experienced talent across office support has continued into 2018, this is noted particularly within the temporary market, as many professionals are reluctant to commit to temporary assignments. However we have seen an appetite for candidates who are keen to diverse their careers and enter into the professional office support market opting for the route through temporary opportunities which has proved a door opener and have ultimately resulted in security of permanent roles.

The permanent end of the senior office support market has been strong, with an increase in Office Manger, EA and PA roles coming to the market.  Although there are more senior roles available, the competition for these have also significantly increased, however professionals remain selective in terms of roles with added consideration been placed towards work/life balance, flexibility, company culture and growth predictions as well as additional unique benefits when making their choice.  Towards the more junior level support/reception roles hiring has been less of a priority, within the SME sector a trend towards expanding Office Manager/Coordinator and PA roles to encompass front of house duties has been prominent resulting in the increase seen in the mid to senior level hiring trend.   

With the competitive nature of the employment market, currently many organisations have missed out on top talent due to lengthy hiring processes teamed with the currently low unemployment rate. Competitive counter offers are also on the rise, and in turn this is resulting in employers having to improve their remuneration packages and review their hiring processes.

The most in demand permanent roles in 2018 have been Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Office Managers, as companies expand and grow, their senior level executives warrant further support as work loads become increasingly more demanding.

The legal support market has continued to remain tight, demand for experienced legal secretaries remains high, which has resulted in counter offers continuing to be a common trend in the market. Firms are focused on their retention strategies and continuously reviewing packages to remain competitive and attractive to current and potential employees.  Some firms are open to hiring PA’s without a legal background to fill traditional legal secretarial roles. This trend in particular is prominent amongst the top 5 law firms in the country.

Customer Support roles are also increasing and becoming more common place as businesses continue to put the focus on the customer and their growth prospects within the economy. Across temporary hiring, the most in demand role is that of receptionists, particularly for short term assignments. Medical Secretaries saw increased demand across the public and private health service, with a requirement for Garda vetting prior to commencing temporary assignments.

In Demand Skills

MS Office, particularly MS Word and Excel along with experience with CRM systems such as SAP and Salesforce are predominant skills in demand. The required skill sets for office support positions have not changed drastically over the years, but clients are looking for skills which are much more industry specific. Experience is often more relevant than qualifications in this regard.

Market Developments & Workplace Trends

Salaries for short term assignments have remained steady, but candidates expectations are gradually increasing. Executive Assistant salaries have seen significant change, with salaries now in the €50,000 - €60,000 scale. There are however exceptions to these standards, with some candidates being offered up to €80,000 for a unique senior level support and operational role.

In terms of workplace trends, organisations are reducing the use of short term cover staff for shorter assignments such as holidays and sick leave. Instead, they are filling vacancies like these internally. The offer of completion bonuses for temporary roles are sometimes on offer for the successful completion of projects/contracts. Overall companies are starting to focus on more than just salary when it comes to offers; culture, growth, flexibility, work life balance are very much at the forefront of consideration when attracting talent.   

Predictions for 2019

Looking towards 2019, the future appears extremely positive for Office Support professionals. There is an abundance of opportunities at all levels within the temporary market and particularly at senior level within the permanent market. Employers need to move quickly to attract and secure the best candidates for their business, reviewing and streamlining onboarding and hiring processes and applying new techniques such as video interviews need to be considered going into next year.

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